Become a Musician

Calling all musicians!


Beginner to advanced musicians come and have fun with history and see what it was like to play fife and drum during the Napoleonic Wars.


Join us and bring history to life by portraying a British Military musician during the Napoleonic Wars. Play early 19th Century military music and signals using drums and fife. We recreate the 11th Regiment of Foot during the Peninsula wars, through to the later Napoleonic Wars.


You will have the opportunity to wear period accurate musicians uniforms and will assist the regiment on the battlefield by playing commands to the soldiers, and also playing military music during drill displays using authentic musical instruments.


Open to all, if you have an interest in military music or would like to learn. Come and take on the challenge of being a musician in the 11th (North Devonshire) Regiment of Foot.


You can apply to be a musician at 10 years old with some restrictions.


If you are interested in becoming a musician with the 11th (North Devonshire) Regiment of Foot and want to take the kings shilling then click the 'Join Us' button below and fill in our contact us form.

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